Boxing + Strength in Calabasas

From $75/month

Family Owned & Operated by George Foreman III

Our Coaches are highly experienced boxing trainers with years of dedication to the Craft. We have a team of boxing and strength training professionals, a schedule of boxing and conditioning classes, and a full service gym facility in the heart of Calabasas.

26662 Agoura Rd Calabasas

George Foreman III
Gym in Calabasas

Elite Boxing & Strength Training Facility

Boxing training isn't just throwing punches. Craft is a full service gym with a functional weight room, high-end cardio machines, squat racks, cable machines and more.

Full Weight Room
Cardio & Strength Classes

Full Weight Room

High-End Cardio Machines

Competition-Sized Boxing Ring

Specialty Punching Bags

1 on 1 Personal Training

Elite Boxing & Strength Coaches

Small Group Training

Youth Boxing Classes

Authentic Boxing Classes

Boxing Mittwork Classes

Kettlebell Classes

Treadmill Classes

Bevi Machine

Member Lounge

Infrared Sauna

Towel Service

Functional Strength & Cardio Equipment

We have a full suite of free weights, squat racks, cable machines, sled, tires and more to get you into fighting shape.

6000 sq ft of open gym space
Competition-sized boxing ring
Strength Training
Group Fitness Classes

Group Training for All Levels

We love working with people who are brand new to boxing or looking to brush up on their skills. We offer classes in boxing, strength, conditioning and even yoga for all levels.

Group Classes & Small Group Training
Classes offered throughout the day

Class Schedule



GYM Unlimited

unlimited use of the gym


GROUP Unlimited

GYM plus all GROUP classes


GOLD Unlimited

GYM, GROUP plus all small group GOLD classes


YOUTH Unlimited

all YOUTH classes

Free Class

Ready to get started? Begin your Craft Boxing® journey today.