Craft Boxing Club Mission

Bring the Benefits of Boxing to Your Community

Built on Authenticity & Lineage

George Foreman III built Craft Boxing around the teachings of his father & boxing coach George Foreman Sr, two time heavyweight world champion and olympic gold medalist.

Group training programs mimic a real boxer's training camp
Coach education is grounded in fundamental traning techniques
George Foreman and George Foreman III
Craft Boxing League Map

Designed to Foster Retention & Community

Craft Boxing Club focuses on providing members the tools & support they need to be their best selves.

Craft Boxing ethos centers on personal development & results
Coach verification programs decrease staff turnover

Fundamental Focus on Mind & Body

Craft Boxing Club is the first boxing franchise to offer emotional health programming.

Performance coaching classes feature practical emotional health exercises
All employees are trained in the Craft Yourself coaching method
Boxing for Mental Health
Craft Boxing in Gyms

Innovative Layouts for Any Space

We have developed versatile floorplans to maximize efficiency and reduce leasing & build out costs.

Layouts between 1500 and 6000 sq feet
Membership model includes premium add ons & personal training

Versatile Class Formats

Industry-High Retention

Premium Memberships

Flexible Floorplans

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